30 Day Cut the Clutter Challenge: The Pantry

Lately I’ve been getting the urge to Spring Clean. I detest clutter, and I generally keep up with it to a livable point, but during winter hibernation, clutter has a way of multiplying exponentially. I am so over it. I’ve been so focused on work and blogging and car hunting over the past few months that I’ve let things get waaay out of hand around here.

We are currently working on my middle child’s room. My husband is building her a desk with bookcases flanking it (pictures to come!!) and just last weekend he took everything out of her closet and installed custom shelving. This has given me the bug to go through every room in the house and de-clutter and reorganize.

Then I woke up this morning and saw Whitney’s post: This Is What Happens When I Get Really Mad. I was inspired, but not enough to do anything about mine JUST yet.

And then I hopped on the computer after getting the kids off to school and saw @momadvice’s tweet, which led me to this post: 30 Day Cut the Clutter Challenge.

That is just the impetus I needed. My household de-clutter/reorganization project starts TODAY. And it starts with my pantry.

The pantry is a small job, it is doable, and I was so inspired by Whitney’s that I can’t wait to start. So, in my efforts to hold myself accountable, here is the BEFORE picture of my pantry, that I just snapped 30 seconds ago.

It’s not THAT bad, mainly because I don’t keep a lot of pantry staples. But that bag down there? It contains a few boxes of crackers that I didn’t even have room for in there because everything is so disorganized.

Stay tuned. Later today I’ll have an AFTER picture to show you!


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    Woo – go Jo-Lynne! You’ll feel so great once you are done and the pantry’s totally a tackable project. Your before picture isn’t bad AT ALL though!

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    I don’t keep much in my pantry because I hate throwing away expired food that was never used. But oddly enough I cleaned out our pantry over the weekend (it started when I was looking for something and had to pull out stuff to find it – ha). Found several cans of expired soup, condensed milk (bought to make pies I never got to…), lots of old cracker boxes, and other such things. Now I’m trying to decide how to label things by expiration date as I put them in the pantry so I remember to use them.

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    This is something I need to do so bad with all the rooms in my house. It is just one of those things that the task seems so overwhelming that I keep putting off, which makes it even worse.

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      I have found that making a master list of everything you want to clean, then organizing that list into sections like, closets, baseboards, windows, donation day etc…helps. Then give yourself a time limit like if its a deep spring cleaning two weeks. Each day you just do a small portion of that list. It’s done before you know it and nothing is forgotten and it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. (and it feels great to mark stuff off a list)

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    Spring cleaning and decluttering is the best feeling ever. I finished all (8) closets yesterday (yes I am a blessed woman lol) and already feel so much better. I forgot how much room my closet really has in it.

    I am also one of those freaky gal’s who LOVES spring cleaning. So much so that later this week I plan on tackling the windows.

    Also wanted to saw wow-zer at your pantry. I thought I had cut down on pantry items but you have me beat by a LONG shot. I am humbled, really. I must go re-evaluate my pantry now.

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    I’ve been in the mood for spring cleaning too! My pantry isn’t TOO bad… but my closet is! I recently got new furniture and don’t have it all organized yet. You may have inspired me to take the plunge. Good luck on your pantry
    (Oh my spice/coffee cabinet needs de-cluttering too)
    (And the hall closets)
    (And the kid’s rooms)
    DARN now I’m just overwhelmed! ha!

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    Oh, I LOVE your challenge! What a great one to have! My pantry and my spice rack need some desperate attention. Pretty much my whole kitchen could use an organizational overhaul. I love this, Jo-Lynne and so glad the post worked for you!!

    • Jo-Lynne says

      I’m in the middle of the project now, and I’m discovering that I need to do my WHOLE ENTIRE KITCHEN. I mean, I knew that, but I want to move some stuff out of the pantry to other areas . . . oh well, I guess I have the next few days of the this challenge already planned!

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