30 Day Cut the Clutter Challenge: Still Going Strong

I’m still plugging away at the de-cluttering project I committed to when Amy inspired me with this post. We’re about halfway in and I’ve done my pantry, my junk drawers, my desktop (I still haven’t gone back and done the drawers), the kids’ closets, and my bathroom (post still to come). This week I’ve been focusing on the kitchen.

After reading Elisabeth’s book, The G-Free Diet, I decided I needed to clean out the drawers in my kitchen. This was less about de-cluttering and more about de-glutening, although I managed to do some of both. Do you know how many crumbs get caught in your drawers!?


Gluten or no, I can’t believe I let my silverware drawer get this bad. Gross.

I put every last item that had been in that drawer through the dishwasher to get rid of any possible gluten residue. And I cleaned out the silverware liner and my drawer.


The other drawers got the same treatment. You don’t really want to see pictures of everything, do you? Well, I took them so here they are.

If you have any suggestions for better ways to organize these, I’m all ears. I’m not really the best when it comes to coming up with a system.

This morning I tackled the cabinets. This is the one where I toss anything I don’t know what else to do with. It was getting really bad. See?

I took everything out and cleaned it out and then I only put back the things that I use regularly. The rest will go downstairs in the basement “overflow closet” — I tend to forget what is down there, so later today I’m going to make a list and stick it inside a kitchen cabinet so I have it at a glance.

I’m much happier now! Although I’d love to know a better way to store the hand mixer and the stick blender and their wayward cords.

And this is the area under my island:

That was a mess before too. I removed a few things to make more room for the things I use regularly. And it’s amazing how taking everything out gives you fresh perspective on how to organize it when you put things back in. I arranged things differently than before, and it works so much better.

I also went through my upper cabinets – the baking cabinet, the cabinets with my dishes and glasses, but I didn’t take pictures. Enough is enough.

I have one cabinet left, and I’ve been putting it off — it’s the the corner cupboard that I DESPISE. They are so hard to organize. I have a few “lazy susans” to try to organize my spices and things, but it’s really just a free for all in there. Does anyone have a post on organizing a corner cupboard? I need ideas.

I’m proud to say that my junk drawers and pantry are still in great shape so once I tackle the corner cupboard, my kitchen re-org will be just about complete. The fridge is the last frontier, and I’m avoiding that like the plague. It’s like those stupid desk drawers. I’m hoping if I keep putting them off, they will miraculously clean and organize themselves.

Alrighty then. It’s time to make something of myself, as my mother would say. We woke up this morning to snow and sleet, and that doesn’t do much to inspire productivity, but life must go on.


  1. Kali says

    Ahh, I am jealous! Looks so nice and tidy!

    We are getting new cabinets in a few weeks so I am waiting to declutter and organize until then – or just using it as an excuse to leave my cabinets in such bad shape! :)

  2. mary b says

    Looks good so far! I am a fan of taking things out & putting elsewhere if you do not use them often, otherwise they make the good stuff hard to get to .

    What is in your corner cupboards??
    My top one (no lazy susan) has the “kid” dishes/cups aka PLASTICS on the bottom shelf, then the top 2 shelves have all the dishes/bowls that I do not use often, which works since they are harder to get to.
    My bottom corner is a built in lazy susan & the top shelf is where I keep baking items(using plastic holders & bins to keep them from jumping off), and the bottom is my stick blender and all the pitchers, water bottles & to go coffee cups.
    I guess it matters if your corner cupboard needs to have close by or often used items in it or not.

  3. says

    (This is totally off-subject, but I went to your home page to try to find a video you posted recently – the interview about agri-business and food allergies. Anyway, I decided to look in your archives. When I clicked on “select by month” it wouldn’t let me do that, but it kept taking me to the icon below that, for your blog design page. So I couldn’t hunt for the video. I’ll find the video, but I wanted to let you know, b/c I know your blog design/functionality is important to you :)

  4. says

    I’m anally organized but my top corner cabinet is a freakin nightmare. I have a custom fit lazy susan in it but still….. oy. I put canning jars on the very top and then water pitchers in the middle and OMG OF WHAT IS THAT on the bottom shelf so my son can reach it. It makes absolutely no sense but it (kinda) works for us.

    The bottom one has a lazy susan too – I put mixing bowls, crock pots, etc. BUT I have a butler’s pantry/room where I keep other large items (bread maker that sits on THAT counter, etc) stuff that would make a mess of this cabinet if it weren’t for that.

  5. says

    OH! so I got a bee in my bonnet after this post yesterday and went and cleaned out that upper corner cabinet. Behind and on the sides of the lazy susan is where we keep the hard liquor. Don’t think I wasn’t tempted to take a swig of each bottle to get me through. I did not, but it was only because it was early in the day and that would have required a large nap.

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