5 Gluten Free Snacks I’m Loving Right Now

Every so often I like to let you in on some of my newest gluten-free finds. I know that a (very vocal) small percentage of you actually eat gluten free, but these snacks are delicious for everyone! It’s just a bonus that they’re gluten free.

Some of these have been sent to me for consideration, but I will always give you my 110% unbiased opinion. I pinky swear!

Let’s start with one we bought ourselves.

FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD Salt and Pepper Sweet Potato Chips

My daughter picked up a bag of these at the store and put them in my cart before I had a chance to see her. I AM SO GLAD SHE DID. These are delish. Just a hint of spicy from the pepper, so crispy, and I feel virtuous eating a sweet potato chip rather than plain white potato chips. I am sure they are no better for me, but please don’t burst my bubble! It says it’s gluten free, but it does contain maltodextrin so do with that what you will.

Food Should Taste Good Salt & Pepper Sweet Potato Chips

KIND Nuts & Spices Bars: Dark Chocolate Chili Almond and Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt

Y’all. These didn’t last two days in my house. They sent us a box containing several of each flavor, and I only got one of each. My husband discovered them, and that was the end of that. I also had to share a few with my 7-year-old who has the tastebuds of a 30-year-old and likes all my “adult treats”. See, this is what I get for not giving my kids “kid foods” — I have to share the good stuff!

KIND Nuts and Spices

I’ve already ordered a box of the Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt from Amazon — my husband and I both liked that flavor best. I still liked the Dark Chocolate Chili Almond, but it does pack some heat. My all time favorite is the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt variety. Ohmyword . . . I cannot leave those alone!

Brown Cow Cream Top Greek Desserts in Caramel and Chocolate Cherry

Stonyfield offered to send me their new Greek Yogurt desserts to try, and of course I said, Yes please! I am here to tell you, these are every bit of a dessert. They are only available at Sam’s Club right now, which is a crying shame. I hope they’re soon available elsewhere because our box is gone and I want s’more!

Brown Cow Cream Top Greek Desserts in Caramel and Chocolate Cherry

My kids didn’t care for them as much as Paul and I did. No worries, more for us, right? They are definitely a decadent treat, not really a healthy yogurt snack, and I appreciate that they are marketed as such. Still, they’re made by Stonyfield, a brand I trust, and the ingredients are pretty straight forward. We really enjoyed these and I’d definitely buy them again.

VitaCoco Kids Fruit Flavored Coconut Water

I received samples of this flavored coconut water for kids after attending Mom 2.0 (VitaCoco was a sponsor) and I love this alternative to juice! We don’t buy juice boxes often, but we do occasionally and I cringe every time I see my kids sucking down one of those sugary beverages. Coconut water is known to be a nutritious source of electrolytes (a great substitute for sports drinks!!!) but I’ve never cared for the taste UNTIL I TRIED THESE! My kids (and I) agree that the Paradise Punch flavor is the best. My son didn’t care for them (he is 13 and his taste buds are probably already ruined for the crappy drinks) but my 7-year old loves these!


VitaCoco Kids contains about 8 grams of sugar per 6 oz. serving, and it contains no artificial sweeteners. Plus it provides potassium and magnesium. Score! It comes in environmentally friendly, single-serve BPA-free containers. Whew! Got all that? VitaCoco Kids is soon to be available on Amazon.com.

Udi’s Cranberry Almond Granola Bars

These granola bars by Udi’s are a fabulous snack on the go or a light breakfast when you’re in a rush. I love that they have 3 grams of fiber and only 140 calories!

Udi's Cranberry Almond Granola BarsI’m also really excited about Udi’s new cookies and Ancient Grain Crisps. I haven’t seen them in stores to try them yet.

Udi's Ancient Grain Crisps

Udi's New Cookies

So tell me. What are you snacking on these days???

If you have any gluten free snacks to share, let us know in the Udi’s Gluten Free Community!


  1. says

    Alright now, J-L, I’m seriously interested in those nuts-and-spices bars. The chocolate/sea salt sounds wonderful! But I know they would be out of our food budget. So … here’s the question: Do we think we can come up with a recipe to make them at home? I’d sure love to try! Can you give us the ingredient list?

    • says

      Not a bad idea! The bottom is dark chocolate – like it was melted. Then inside they have mixed nuts, chicory root fiber, honey, palm kernel oil, sugar, crisp rice, cocoa powder, non-GMO glucose, sea salt, soy lecithin, milk powder, and vanilla extract.

      Go crazy! I’m too lazy to make them so I will continue to buy them in bulk from time to time. I love having something I can grab and go when I’m in a rush. But I’d be curious to hear if you come up with something similar that you like.

  2. says

    Hm, maybe the Vitacoco Kids would be good for my long runs. I already use coconut water but usually add some sort of carbohydrate to it. Maybe this would be all I needed then?

  3. Cheryl says

    The Food Should Taste Good sweet potato tortilla chips are REALLY good, too. I dip them in peach mango salsa…YUM!

  4. Lee Ann says

    Ooooh! My daughter is working at Sam’s Club for the summer so I’ll have her look for the Stonyfield Brown Cow desserts. They sound good! Hope they’re there!

  5. Lisa s. says

    I am so addicted to the Kind bars….especially the peanut butter and chocolate. Envirokids has a rice crispy bar called peanut choco bar….soooo good.

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